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Just Between Us: Interactive Mother & Daughter Journal

by Meredith Jacobs and Sofie Jacobs
Chronicle Books Llc

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Pub Date: 2021
Format: Journal/Diary
Pages: 48
Size: 9.21 x 7.28 x 0.55

ISBN: 9781452174846
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With sensitivity and thoughtfulness, this hands-on keepsake journal provides the space and encouragement for mother-daughter conversations. Co-written by a real-life mother-daughter team, Meredith and Sofie Jacobs, and featuring inspirational mantras, note-cards, stickers, stencils, and certificates of appreciation alongside conversation-sparking prompts, this shared journal has all the essentials to cultivate shared respect and deep understanding in one of life's most important relationships.

As mothers and daughters, how much do we share with each other, and how might our lives be enriched if we dared to be more open? This eye-catching journal and keepsake is an ideal tool for initiating difficult and important conversations between mothers and their daughters. Perfect for moms and daughters who are already close, it is also a shared resource for any mother-daughter pair looking to deepen their relationship.

BESTSELLING JOURNAL SERIES: First published over 10 years ago, Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter continues to be a bestseller! Now remade with new prompts, new art, and new interactive content, this journal is perfect for long-time fans and new journalers alike.