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Picture of The Physics. Writings on Natural Philosophy (Foundations Of Science)

The Physics. Writings on Natural Philosophy (Foundations Of Science)

by Aristotle (Author), Marika Taylor (Foreword) and James Lees (Introduction)
Flame Tree Publishing
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Pub Date: 2023
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Size: 7.79(h) x 5.11(w) x 0.66(t) inches
Case Quantity: 40

ISBN: 9781804175668
TB Code: 2303009
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In the philosophical language of Aristotle and the Greeks of Antiquity, 'Physics' roughly translates as 'the order of nature', covering what we would now differentiate as philosophy, science, politics, humanities and religion. One of Aristotle's great works, of which we here present an abridged edition, The Physics is an investigation into the nature of being, of the world and its place in the universe. Although philosophically much broader, it provides the foundation for the later work of Galileo and Isaac Newton, and prefigures Albert Einstein's breakthrough theories on time, space and the motion of stars.

The FLAME TREE Foundations series features core publications which together have shaped the cultural landscape of the modern world, with cutting-edge research distilled into pocket guides designed to be both accessible and informative.